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Cereal Box Report

1. März 2020

Cereals and books – on the first glance two things that do not necessarily go together, right?

Well, in fact, they do!

In class the students of the 8b either read the book “Jerry” by L. Harger and C. Rossant or “Underground New York” by C. Rossant. The first one covers the up-to-date topic of surveillance, that is people being spied on by big tech companies via their technical devices, whereas the second novel is about graffiti art in deserted underground tunnels in New York.

To really get the grasp of the book, the students designed artfully crafted cereals boxes with summaries, descriptions of the characters as well as settings. Moreover, they also had a look at important vocabulary and wrote an extra chapter or created a comic strip to let the story live on.

As a result, there are fantastic pieces of art combined with literature.